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  • July 2020 - ASPM Phone Service

    ASPM Main Phone Line - Now Available!

    We appreciate your patience as we have experienced technicial difficulties with our main phone line this past week.

    Our MAIN phone line: 858-430-5700 is NOW WORKING.

    For your up-to-date HOA information and account management, please visit aspm.cincwebaxis.com.

    You may also email info@aspm-sd.com for service. 

  • E-Statements available for your HOA

    E-Statements are available! Take advantage! Go Green!
    Save you and your community money & time. An email address is required. Please provide an email address today. Thank you.

  • March 2020 - E-Check Fee $1.99 per

    E-Check fee is $1.99 per E-CHECK.

    ASPM San Diego and your Board of Directors provide E-Check processing as a payment service option. 
    Our goal is to keep your fees as low as possible. Consider a payment solution that avoids fees.  

    As of 2020, the following conditions apply to E-Checks:

    A fee is charged if a change is made to the existing setup and for any new setup.

    1. All other E-Checks, processed through your website, not set up as recurring PRIOR TO 12.1.19, incur a fee of $1.99. The fee will be charged when the payment is made and debited from the homeowner’s bank account.  

    Example: A $100.00 payment made by E-Check, would incur a debit of $100.00 and a debit of $1.99.  The Payor will see this charge prior to final submission of the payment.

    AVOID THE $1.99 E-Check FEE:

    1. Homeowners can use their bank’s online BillPay service.  Our system is integrated with the BillPay network and receives many of these payments electronically in as little as 2 days.

    2. Homeowners may initiate an ACH Draft. E-Check fees do not apply to ASPM-SAN DIEGO Management Company administered ACH.

    If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our team.  Please use the “Contact Us” option at the top of the HOA web page to send an email or call us at 858-430-5700.  As always, we value your partnership and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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